Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How Could I Not?

Had to go to Rite-Aid for a prescription earlier this week so how could I not take this stuff home.....

1 x Dove soap 6 pack on sale=$6.00
1 x Dove body wash on sale=$6.00

Coupons used--
1 x $1/1 Dove soap 4 pack or larger ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $3/1 Dove body wash(22 oz.) MailedQ=$3.00
Coupon Total.....$4.00

I used $8 in Plenti Points and earned $4 in new Plenti points.
I also got this......

$2 on your next purchase Catalina.
I also earned $2 in cash rebates in my Saving Star account($1 for each item).

So $4 spent in points and $4 back in cash and catalinas.
The deal would have been sweeter if the Checkout51 $2 in rebates was still available but when I went to claim them there were none left. 8-(

Sometimes things just don't work out the way you want but it's all good.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I'm Back.....yaaaay!

We got back late Friday night.

It's Tuesday and I am still digging out!

I've spent more time in my laundry room than in any other room so far this week.
Not only do I have Hubs and my laundry from the trip but even though College Boy has been home 2+ weeks now, all his laundry is clogging up the works.  Plus all his bedding from school.
The boy couldn't find time to do his laundry but he found plenty of time to practice(which is good), have his buddies over to eat/drink a ton of my goodies/mess up my house/break shit, and sleep late.  He did also go to work so there's that to balance all the negatives.

I also think he let friends sleep over here the last 2 weeks and they dirtied every sheet and blanket in the house.  I couldn't even get INTO the laundry room on Saturday there was so much crap piled up in there! lolz

So basically I've been washing every cloth item in the house the last few days.
And unpacking.
And putting shit away.
And starting to rearrange the whole house in preparation for Daughter to move back in.
Can I just leave again and come stay with one of y'all?

And to top my exciting life off, I have to cook and meal plan and buy groceries again.
I tell ya, life is just so not fair.......

There are various musical instruments filling the spare room and the living room still from various jams sessions/band rehearsals......from guitars, to drum sets to a doumbek.(That's a Middle Eastern drum is you really need to know.)

The money I gave College Boy for groceries while we were gone is no more.  However, none of it was spent on groceries but on gas for the car and take-out pizza.
It's a good thing we won't be making these long trips to Louisiana in spring anymore and leaving him home alone, huh? ;-)

And to top it all off I brought home a lovely lady parts infection from Louisiana with me.
Oh joy.........pass the anti-itch cream please!!

So dealing with the house, that is a wreck and needs to be organized asap, dealing with medical stuff(more on that later) and dealing with massive amounts of money leaving the accounts(May has about done me in financially)is where my world is right now.
The yard is also a disaster but I can't even.......

I am confident that Life will all sort itself out in due time but for now, it is kicking my large pasty white ass.

I hope things are better in your world.  If not, tell us all about it and make me feel a bit better that I am not alone in the "Land of WTF?!".


Monday, May 23, 2016

This Week on the Dining Table

It's the "I'm Home and Back to Cooking....Rats!" Edition......

I seem to always have this gloom and doom about cooking when we get back from a vacation(though this vacation wasn't much of one and more of a "taking care of business" trip).
Do you feel the same way when you return from a trip where you haven't had to do much if any cooking while away?

I hope this isn't "just me"

Moving on......

Onward to the meal planning!

Here's what was planned last week--

1. Sunday--Steak and Catfish in Texas
2. Monday--Chinese Buffet
3. Tuesday--No Clue
4. Wednesday--No Clue
5. Thursday--No Clue
6. Friday--No Clue
7. Saturday--No Clue

And this is what actually happened--

1. Sunday--Steak and Catfish in Texas
2. Monday--Chinese Buffet
3. Tuesday--BBQ, Fried Green Tomatoes, Greens, Pimento Cheese Sammich
4. Wednesday--1/2 of a small Pizza, Salad, Turkey Sammich
5. Thursday--Cheese Burger, Salad
6. Friday--Liver w/Onions, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli, Cup of Chowder
7. Saturday--Meatloaf, CA blend Veggies

1 Meal cooked at home and 6 nights of eating out while on the road. I am happy to report that we ate very few burgers and/or french fries while away.  I think I ate my weight in fried green tomatoes though......that IS a vegetable, right?  ;-)

As for my grocery spending..... I spent a total of $20.21 the week before last week. (I went to the store a day before we left and forgot to tally it until we got home.  So $20.21 spent last week.)
I spent a total of $93.29 on groceries(mostly stuff to bring home but a few things we ate/drank while on the trip)during the last 2 weeks.  Even though it was purchased on vacation I put in under Groceries spending and not under Trip spending.

I have spent $210.48 in all for May so far and have $89.52 left of my food budget with 8 days to go.

Leftovers going into this week......nothing really.  Anything College Boy didn't eat in the past 2 weeks was thrown out. 8-(  We didn't leave many leftovers so it wasn't much but he did let an entire loaf of bread go bad by leaving it sitting out and not putting it into the fridge.

Here is this week's "food plan"--

1. Sunday--Spaghetti and Meatballs, Mixed Veg.
2. Monday--Fish, Garlic Mashed Taters, Cauliflower
3. Tuesday--Pecan Chicken, Corn Casserole, Collards
4. Wednesday--Shrimp Alfredo, Salad
5. Thursday--Tacos, Corn on cob
6. Friday--Salmon, Leftover Veg Dishes
7. Saturday--Leftovers

This week will see 6 new meals cooked and 1 meal of leftovers or "Whatever You Can Find" and 0 meals of Eating Out.

What I need to buy for this menu.....Salad Greens so far and maybe some milk, a watermelon or other fruit and bread(if I go up to the Bread Outlet this week).  I have to check if College Boy ate all the cheese or not here while we were gone for the Tacos.  Most everything on this menu is from the freezer and/or pantry, as I am trying to clean both out.  I believe CB lived on chicken strips from the freezer and take-out pizza while we were gone.  So predictable that one!  lolz

I am only going to buy necessities this week and any loss leaders we can use.  I really don't want to jump into lots of grocery buying so soon after getting back home.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?


Saturday, May 21, 2016

And the Winner Is.......

The Boring Blog Box Giveaway winner is Wendy aka MamaHen  ......

Please enter me! I would love the shampoo (love DOVE products) and my 14 year old daughter would love the nail polish.

Congratulations Wendy!
And a big ol' thank you to everyone who entered.

Look for another giveaway soon here on the blog.
We just got back from our road trip so I may not be online much for a couple of days while we dig out here at the house.