Wednesday, February 10, 2016

When Did That Happen?!

So I just realized that yesterday was Mardi Gras.
How come y'all threw a boozy party and didn't tell me/invite me?!? lolz
I will continue this post in a whispered tone just in case anyone reading this through bloodshot bleary eyes is not up to snuff today.  ;-)

Oh, that's ok, I have been feeling punky lately anyway.  I thought I had a flu coming on or at the very least a bad head cold but either I nipped it in the bud with NyQuil and sleep and Afrin spray or it was just all in my head(not literally just figuratively it seems).lol
I blame the sea of unsanitatry/unhygienic humanity I encountered on Sunday when I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets to buy a frozen pizza or three for Hubs for his Super Bowl viewing pleasure.
My head is still vacillating between feeling like it's filled with hardened Portland cement and/or has a sewer of snot running through it.

Lucky for me that I had yesterday's post already written up in advance and WAS able to press of few keys and publish it so y'all had something to read here.

The good news is I am feeling a mite better today after 2 days of "bleh"(highly sophisticated medical term).
I have also stayed out of the grocery stores for the very same 2 days.....after the SpendFest of last week can you imagine that!.....and have spent $0.
Go me!
The bad news is that since I was feeling "bleh" Hubs went out and bought take-out food last night so we have spent "Eating Out" monies this month.
In addition to the bad news I haven't been on the exercise bike in 2 days due to my feeling like my body would break if I tried exerting myself.
Exercise resumes today and we pick up right where we left off on that regard.

I am also feeling like digging(literally)back into the genealogy stuff so I'll likely be disappearing down that rabbit hole soon again.

Ok, I am off to finish writing up some tax forms so I can get something filed!

Boy, how I wish this country would adopt the FairTax plan and soon.  Yah, it would throw a lot of government workers out of a job(as well as CPAs and tax lawyers and less government spending would also be a great side benefit!)but man, oh man, it would sure simplify our lives in that regard.  And the less time I have to spend what little of my life I have left on tax shit, the better!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Last Monday I watched PBS's American Experience.
This was an interesting program about President James Garfield, mostly taken from the book by Candice Millard called "Destiny of the Republic".  It concerned the trajectory of James Garfield's life from his humble beginnings and into politics and ultimately the Presidency.  Just four months into office he was shot by a madman and died a slow lingering death 79 days later, the book's author says is partly due to the conceit of the man who took over his medical care, Dr. Doctor Willard Bliss(not a typo-his first name was Doctor) and the lack of any antiseptic care, the idea of which was still in it's infancy in the US.

President Garfield has largely been forgotten in the history of our country due to his administration lasting only 4 months but his funerals(there were two)rivaled and even surpassed that of Lincoln less than 20 years earlier.  The expression of the nation's mourning of Garfield's rivaled that of Lincoln, if not surpassed it.

There was such hope that Garfield's time in office would heal and help the country as his getting to the presidency was unusual and he was an early proponent of civil rights, but he was not given that opportunity after Charles Guiteau's handgun found it's target.
I find it a fascinating time in our history and the backstories of all parties involved are rich and interesting and indeed the planets seemed to have aligned just right to set events into motion that led to Garfield's assassination.

And it's not because Garfield's Vice President, Chester Alan Arthur, married my 6th cousin, Ellen Lewis Herndon.  Cousin Ellen became a posthumous First Lady when Chester Arthur ascended to the Presidency in September 1882 upon the death of President Garfield.  Arthur only became Vice President due to a backroom deal with the most powerful man in NY politics at that time, Roscoe Conkling.  Once Garfield died it was thought that Chester Arthur, who had been Conkling's puppet back in the NY political machine, would allow Conkling to pretty much run Arthur's administration.
Much to his credit, Chester Arthur seemed to grow a backbone once thrust into the Presidency and made his term as POTUS his own.

As a footnote, if you are interested in the various personalities who have or attempted to assassinate American Presidents you might find the musical "Assassins" rather 'enjoyable'. ;-)

Also of interest to me is that tonight, on "Finding Your Roots", also on PBS, they will be profiling among their 3 guests, Senator John McCain.
Senator McCain is my 7th cousin.
We share ancestors, William ALLEN and Mary HUNT Allen, my 7 x Great Grands/his 6 x Great Grands.
I am descended from their daughter, Susannah ALLEN and Sen. McCain from their son, Lieutenant Colonel Valentine ALLEN a Early American patriot.
It will be interesting to see if they explore that branch of McCain's family tree but they will probably stay with the MCain ancestor, Hugh McCain, John's 6 x Great Grandfather.

Hugh was born in 1729 in County Antrim, coming to America in 1752(or was born in PA and his father, also a Hugh, was the one who had come from Ireland). He married and settled in the Waxhaws area of NC(Charlotte area).
The story goes that around 1756, a foraging party of Tories came through the Waxhaws area and demanded Hugh McCain give them a small fortune in money he had hidden on his property.  When he refused they hanged him and he lived only because a slave and her two sons rushed to cut him down after making a commontion to frighten the British soldiers away, savings his life.  Hugh lived another 50 years.  Four of his son's also fought in the Revolutionary War.
Senator McCain is also a third generation US Navy man, both his father and grandfather were Admirals.
As this episode is entitled "War Stories" I bet they focus on all those patriots.

This my 8th Cousin, John and his second wife's daughter, Meghan McCain.  She had a show on a cable network and is a sometimes political pundit.

I also see that they will be exploring Patricia Arquette's ancestry on this episode of "finding Your Roots" as well.  I think Patricia has a distant connection to Meriwether Lewis(as do I)so I am sure they will hit upon that ancestor in her segment which will be least to me.  ;-)

You just never know what you'll find when you start down that genealogy/ancetry road.....


Monday, February 8, 2016

Giveaway Winner Is......

17 valid entries on my Birthday Giveaway.
I used Random dotorg to pick the winning entry and they chose.........

My second entry- the ceramic bunny is really cute and looks a lot like 3 others we have that a former neighbor made for us. 

Congratulations Rhonda!
Please email me with your mailing address within the next 48 hours and I'll get this out to you asap.

Thanks for everyone who entered this one.  I'll have another "box o' toiletries" Giveaway coming up in a couple of weeks so stay tuned.....